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I've helped a wide range of organizations orient themselves in social media tactics and strategies, from introductory orientations to training workshops and retreats. My social media consulting includes assessing and building staff capabilities in social media, determining job requirements for communicators using social media, and developing content strategies and editorial calendars.

My clients know I've tried nearly every social media option myself, and while I've honed my own use of social media to a handful of sites that work for my business goals, I stay current with trends, data and developments to help my clients make sure they don't get caught behind the curve. The popular weekend read posts every Friday on the DGC blog also serve to keep my clients up-to-date on social media trends, curated from my point of view. Go here to see the full collection of weekend reads.

Many organizations ask me to lead workshops or talks that update their members, employees or managers in social media trends, or to help board and staff members learn together whether social media is a useful tool that suits their mission. I'm a big fan of helping you develop and test pilot projects in social media, so you can see whether a particular approach bears fruit.

Here are some of the ways I've helped clients with social media communications:
  • Blogging: Helping the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins University think through a blogging strategy, learn about maximizing search-engine optimization, improve blogging skills and formats, and learn how to wring more blog posts out of existing content.
  • Social storytelling: Leading a storytelling workshop for the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium and the Cone Health Foundation in Greensboro, NC, on Telling stories 3 ways: Using Visuals, Spoken Word, and Social Media, in which all three methods incorporated social tactics, from Pinterest visuals to's viral videos.
  • Helping groups consider social media strategies: Facilitating "Get your toes wet" social media orientations, briefings, retreats and workshops for a wide variety of groups, including the AT&T Foundation, the Cone Health Foundation, the Universities at Shady Grove, the George Washington University School of Business, UMBC, the Montgomery County campus of Johns Hopkins University, the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns
    Hopkins University, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the New Venture Fund's Western Energy Project, VOX Global, and more. Helping organizations consider whether and how to deploy social media, examples of social media used well in their sector and other sectors, developing strategies that suit the capabilities of organizations at every size, and considerations for developing social media policies are all covered.
Let's get started

Email me at eloquentwoman AT gmail DOT com to learn how we can get you started on a smarter social media strategy, a pilot project, or a training workshop.

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