Wednesday, January 03, 2018

What's evergreen content? Your blogging secret weapon

"What's evergreen content?" said my client. I'd just given her a social media strategy designed to balance and fix some of the holes and deficiencies in their blog that came up in a team discussion about their concerns and wishes for social communication.

One of their big concerns: All they had bandwidth for were the things that were coming out now, like a new report, an upcoming meeting, the grant announcements. All the content was focused on the now....sometimes with long gaps on the blog in between those news events. Yet the client was awash in content that would be perfectly useful to share on the blog, and that could fill those caverns of content in between the peaks of the news announcements.

Evergreen content, I told her, is just that: material that will keep and doesn't require the immediate push of an announcement. Too often, I see communications fully driven by announcements, when some more quotidien outreach would balance it out and give readers even more reasons to return to your blog.

It's also a search engine goldmine, as this article points out. Evergreen posts are the ones that answer basic questions, offer explainers, and other things that are perennially being searched, which pushes these posts higher in the search engines.

Like most of my clients, this one had many reports, webinars, panels, and other content to share--but was limiting effort to announcing them or saying they were over with material available. If you're in the same boat, you can take that same material and wring more content out of it so you are using it long after the announcement is over. Plumb that material for quotes you can pull out and make visual; for short-item blog posts on a particular issue or finding; for answers to reader questions; and more.

Here are three posts that can get your ideas going on how to do this:

Evergreen posts need not be long. Look for material that is useful or practical; that will last for a long time in relevance; and you'll be on your way.

The great benefit of evergreen content lies in the scheduling. Because it's evergreen, you can plant it on your blog throughout the year, rather than bunching it up close to an announcement. So scatter those evergreen posts through your editorial calendar, and see your blog start to post more routinely. A bonus? If something more newsworthy comes up, it's easy enough to reschedule the evergreen post to make room for the newsier one.

(Creative Commons licensed photo by Grant Macdonald)

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