Friday, December 29, 2017

Our top 10 social media & communications posts for 2017

This year, a lot of assumptions about how we should do professional communications got kicked to the curb, or at least upended. So it's been a year readjusting your strategies and rethinking your approaches. And that's reflected in this year's top 10 most-read posts. From fake news to federal social media policy, there's plenty to review in our end of the year roundup:
  1. 12 lessons, 12 years in on the DGC blog shared my lessons from a dozen years producing this blog.
  2. 4 communications lessons you can learn from anti-Trump protesters proves that the resistance has plenty of smart tactics up its sleeve.
  3. Before you become a Trump piƱata, understand his tweets, speaking is a look at how the president uses language, and how to frame your messages effectively in this climate.
  4. Should we ditch analogies to explain science--or just use sparingly? Analogies are well-worn tools in describing science, but this cautionary tale suggests we may need to look for new ground.
  5. Have you ignored federal guidance on your social media policy? You may be surprised at this trio of federal rules about social media policy, since some of the things in your own policies are likely to be urban
  6. Using a blog hiatus to, well, blog shared how I made the most of a blog hiatus to populate my blogs for the rest of the year
  7. Why is storytelling about failure so compelling? gets at some of the magic that happens when you tell a story where you're not the perfect hero.
  8. Why "tip more, pitch less" also works for freelance media coverage shares a journalist' s point of view on my favorite way to suggest stories to reporters.
  9. Finding better comms pro development, & tucking it into your schedule offers a few ideas about searching for more challenging training that actually fits into your schedule.
  10. Public trust, rumor-fighting, and fake news: What comms pros can do shares new research and thinking about effective ways to battle this confusing communication landscape
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