Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Taking a blog and social media hiatus for June 2017

I'm waist-deep when it comes to the river of blogging and social media, with three blogs, the two oldest blogs turning 12 and 10 years old this year. That's a lot of blogging, and that's not all. My total tally in the social media world includes
  • three blogs
  • two Twitter accounts
  • two Facebook business pages, along with my more private personal account
  • one Google+ account and one Google+ community
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • and I'm very likely forgetting something, which is not a good sign.
This post isn't about expanding that universe, but about letting it contract a tad. Specifically: I'm taking a social-media hiatus for the month of June 2017. 

Here's what that means for me: I'm really not going to post anything, including on my non-public accounts. That will mean not sharing photos, not writing posts, not observing, not sharing what I'm reading. And to the best of my ability, not checking social channels for updates.

Social media posting doesn't take up a ton of my time on any given day, but reviewing material, deciding what to share, monitoring comments and interactions, and writing are the biggest time-users. I put in plenty of screen time, and am hoping that that's what will be missing in June while I spend time the old-school way, in person.

I'm not burnt out on the blogs--indeed, they are a constant source of renewal for me--but I am curious about such hiatuses when I hear of them. So now's the time to try.

A social media hiatus is not, for me, a work hiatus, so I will continue working with clients and looking for new ones. If you're a client or a would-be client wishing to get in touch, I encourage that heartily. Email me directly at eloquentwoman AT gmail DOT com.  But I also expect I'll have some time for longer-form projects like books, and I'll be back in July with some fantastic posts for you. And yes, at least on this blog, I will attempt to chronicle my results from the hiatus.

Thanks for reading, and see you in July!

(Creative Commons licensed photo by nchenga)

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