Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How to inject creativity into social media (or any comms) this year

Pushing my creativity in social posts--particularly on my three blogs--is not only essential to getting and keeping readers and followers. For me, it's the biggest motivation in my work, the thing that keeps me going.

But finding inspiration to fuel that creativity isn't easy. Fortunately, I've found a few inspiring posts that are helping to shape my creativity this year.

For starters, I'm planning to turn creativity into a kind of quality improvement this year. 10 ways to kiss boring goodbye in 2017 talks about focusing less on transactional content, and in fact, posting less content overall--but making it higher quality. That's a great target for raising the bar for yourself, and it's framing my own approaches this year on all of my blogs and social channels. Convince & Convert is a new favorite blog I've started to follow, and this post is a real keeper.

If you need more convincing on that point, Seth Godin, in a super-short but powerful post, looks at the concept of more versus less, and notes that the opposite of "more" is actually "better." This goes for many aspects of the professional communicator's work. We've explored here what leaders should ask for instead of "more" media coverage, and I have some clients who've stopped measuring overall coverage, preferring instead to focus on a few high-value placements instead of casting a wide net. You can apply that same thinking to your social posts. Instead of having a presence on 10 platforms, or all platforms, which one or two can you really thrive on?

But in order to get higher quality content, you'll need to get creative and be confident about it. Harvard Business Review looks at reclaiming your creative confidence, breaking down a variety of fears that get in the way of your creativity: fear of the messy unknown, fear of taking the first step, and more. It's a good place to start. Another is the book Creative Change: Why We Resist It...How We Can Embrace It. The book suggests ways you can get more comfortable with being creative, and if you're pitching ideas to nervous leaders, ways to get them more comfortable, too. Why your creative ideas get ignored explains more about the book.

How will you get more creative with your social media or other comms this year?

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