Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Our top 10 social media & communications posts for 2016

In 2016, the most-read posts on this blog focused on two of my wheelhouses: Handling and preparing for media interviews, and wrangling social media before it wrangles you. Here are the posts you read the most this year:
  1. Better media interviews: 13 tips and resources rounds up the blog's best tips for navigating media interviews wisely and well.
  2. For comms pros: Why you should consider publicizing scientific retractions makes the case for putting forward these important shifts in scientific knowledge.
  3. The 15 percent less rule, a lifesaver for speeches and media interviews really works, particularly for the long-winded among us. Yes, you can end your talk on time and not take all the air out of the room in an interview.
  4. For artists: Promoting your work on social media recaps the discussion I led with a group of visual artists hoping to get their work a further audience, and sales.
  5. Building relationships with reporters shares some of the best tactics up my sleeve for creating real relationships, not imaginary ones, with the reporters you aid.
  6. I don't write blog posts until I'm ready came from the vault, but is still among this year's most popular posts. It's a writing strategy that serves me well.
  7. Starting a great conversation in your office about media interviews shares an oft-neglected, small, easy tactic that will help your future spokespeople get more comfortable and knowledgeable. I have a few clients trying this, and it's a low-cost way to get an entire team savvy on media interactions.
  8. Is that one blog post or five? Using your listicles to create more content is one of my tactics for making sure the story queue has plenty in it.
  9. 12 years in, extraordinarily happy about my 'Leap' shares my progress in getting this far with this business, and shares a good guide if you're considering the same.
  10. The re-use blues: Recycling press releases, speeches, and slides is a cautionary tale. Don't get caught, people. Don't get caught.
(Creative Commons licensed photo by pEtE)

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