Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Is that one blog post or five? Use your listicles to create more content

I nearly made this mistake the other day, but I caught myself. I had a great, meaty, long blog post with five killer tips in it. A great headline. Pertinent picture. Stellar content. And then, as I looked it over one more time, it hit me: I was looking at five short, meaty blog posts, not one long one. Maybe six if I rounded them all up once the five were published.

Don't get me wrong. I love a listicle, the modern-day name for an old magazine content staple (I started out in the magazine world, back in the Pleistocene era). But you can have your listicles and your extra blog posts, too, you know.

Here's how: Just carve up that lovely meaty blog post into its component parts and make it into a series. If you're smart, you wrote a good intro paragraph that can be used with adjustments to introduce each of the shorter posts and establish them as part of a series. Then space them across your queue of scheduled posts. Later, perhaps a month or two later, collect them all back into a listicle with less copy and links back to all the short posts.

That's it. World's simplest antidote to your empty or skimpy queue of blog posts. And, if you're clever like me and have the right kind of other blog, you write a post like this one about writing posts like those. That makes seven for me. How about you? You can read more about my penchant for wringing out your existing content to get dozens of blog posts to get more ideas.

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