Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New workshop in Austria: "Be an Expert on Working with Experts"

"Be an Expert on Working with Experts" has long been among my most popular workshops for communications pros here in America. Now I'm bringing it to Europe in October, and I hope you or your colleagues in Europe will be able to join me.

Set for October 17, the workshop will take place at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Laxenburg, Austria, just outside Vienna. Its headquarters are in the Schloss (castle) Laxenburg seen at left and in the video below--a stunning setting for the work we will be doing.

"Be an Expert on Working with Experts" focuses on helping communications professionals better understand how to work effectively with experts they are putting in front of public and media audiences. Communicators who work with experts in science, engineering, technology, as well as those who work with subject-matter experts of all kinds, will find this workshop useful. The one-day session will teach you:
  • How to anticipate experts' default communications style, how to help them see it, and how to show them what public and media audiences want instead;
  • Why they don't need to "dumb down" their information to communicate clearly, and how to handle other common objections they raise;
  • How to assess your experts' skills and training needs, to help you approach coaching in savvy ways; 
  • Handling hands-on feedback to smart people, pushback and Q&A when you're training experts. Find out what they don't know--but won't tell you--and how to fix that.
I've spent most of my career working with every kind of scientist, medical professional, and engineer, as well as law and public policy experts, and this workshop lets me share my insights with you. This is the workshop I wish I'd had earlier in my career!

Registration is open now, and you can find all the details here. Registration is $400US or 360EUR per person, and many communications pros bring their teams, so they can continue to share insights after the workshop. We've had every level of communications pro, from newbies to vice presidents attend this workshop and find it useful.

Here's what two American participants had to say after attending this workshop:
"I found her instruction clear and insightful, her tips useful and her presentation style engaging. If you're looking for help as you try to get the best out of the people who speak on behalf of your organization, Denise can offer you practical guidance that you'll be able to put into practice immediately. I particularly appreciated her empahsis on understanding a speaker's needs and motivations in order to help them deliver the best possible presentation." -- Rachel Coker, director of research advancement, Binghamton University
"If you ever have the opportunity to take a workshop with @dontgetcaught, do it! Best training I've ever had. Informative and eye-opening." -- Ashley Berthelot, director of research communications, Louisiana State University
I hope you can join us on October 17 in Austria. Please share the details of this workshop with interested colleagues. Registration is limited to 18 people, so please register early--seats are already filling. I look forward to seeing you there!

(Creative Commons licensed photo by Andreas Steinkogler)

Join me in Edinburgh, Scotland, on October 20 for a new workshop, Add Meaning with Metaphor: Improve your Speeches with the Most Powerful Figure of Speech. It's a pre-conference workshop at the Edinburgh Speechwriters and Business Communicators Conference, designed to help both speakers and speechwriters use this powerful tool. You can register here for just the workshop, the conference, or both, and you'll get the best discount if you sign up by August 1.

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