Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The DGC blog's top 10 posts in 2015

This is worth a toast or two: You read these posts the most in 2015, and as usual, you curate a great slice of what the year was like here on the blog. Social media trends, storytelling, accuracy, and training experts all took the lead in your reads. Together, they'll make you much smarter by 2016...
  1. Do your social channels have a nose for search? focused on investments many social media outlets are making in deepening search--and how you benefit.
  2. 5 things transcripts will do for your social media presence takes an often-forgotten option and shares its benefits, from boosting your search engine results to improving accessibility. Glad to see this Cinderella tactic shine.
  3. Tell It Better: Storytelling with themes and symmetry was the most popular in our storytelling series, highlighting the areas where your story falls short--but could shine, with a bit more effort.
  4. Tell It Better: Storytelling with surprise and suspense, the first post in this popular series, begs you to stop telling us what you're going to tell us, and why suspense needs a revival.
  5. Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain called: They want their quotes back looks at fake quotes and false quote attribution, and how you can avoid these traps--and carve out a reputation as a fake-quote-buster, a clever way to turn the tables.
  6. Tell It Better: Should you or your speechwriter get the story for that speech? When authenticity, verve, and excitement matter, this frequent speaker says the speaker, not the speechwriter, should be the originator of stories that get told in speeches.
  7. Is B2B storytelling possible? You bet! This post analyzed what works when you bring storytelling back to B2B sales. After all, you're still selling to a person...
  8. Live-stream video apps: Will they reshape your comms strategy? From Periscope to Meerkat and beyond, this post got you up to speed and considered your strategy options for handling audience livecasters and media relations.
  9. On last-minute blog checks and not getting caught looked at the bloopers in blog posts, how corrections are handled, and why more mistakes may be happening these days.
  10. Making communications training worth your experts' time shared some of my insights about what works when you're planning a training session and trying to get subject-matter experts to participate.
Happy new year, communicators--see you in 2016!

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