Wednesday, June 24, 2015

6 big ways I get the most out of Evernote

It's no secret that Evernote is perhaps my most-used tool for organizing, well, everything: Work. Home. Play. Exercise. Garden. Hobbies. Book. Collaborations. Clients. Billing. Travel. Recipes. You name it, I've got it somewhere in Evernote. And I've shared a lot of perspectives as I continue to explore this Swiss Army knife of online organizing. Here is the most thorough collection of posts I've done sharing how Evernote works for me:
  1. My paperless office strategy counts on Evernote as a file cabinet, and has completely changed how I operate. This post includes other apps I use to help keep my work paperless, along with exceptions to that rule.
  2. My secret weapons for staying organized personally includes Evernote as a star player--for everything from my medical records and recipes to hobbies and home and garden resources. If you only think of Evernote as a workplace resource, this is the post for you (and it comes with 14 other secret weapons for organizing my personal life). 
  3. I don't write blog posts until I'm ready to write, and a big part of that strategy involves collecting string in Evernote. It helps me power posts seven times a week.
  4. Forget travel guides. Evernote's one of my "traveling stars," apps that help me roam without worries. This post tells you how, and shares additional travel resources that help me stay mobile. I'm heading to Chicago next week to coach an executive speaker, and my Evernote resources are all I need to make the trip smooth.
  5. 12 ways I'm using Evernote in business travel gives you even more ideas for making this app your portable office.
  6. What to do *before* you run out of Evernote notebooks is a cautionary tale for the power user. These are simple tactics to help you stay within Evernote's generous content limits, without losing any fine points of organization.
I use several apps compatible with Evernote to make it even more productive for me. Among them are Powerbot for Gmail, Feedly Pro, and Callnote, which let me send or clip emails, articles, and phone call or Skype recordings right into the app. IFTTT also helps me automate putting certain files right into Evernote, a time-saver if ever there was one.

Want to get started? Use my link to get a free month of Evernote Premium when you sign up for and log into a free account. 

(Creative Commons licensed photo by Heisenberg Media of an Evernote meetup in Paris)

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