Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Where to catch me: Upcoming workshops and webinar video

I've got lots of conferences, workshops, and speaking gigs lined up in 2015--all opportunities for us to meet. Here's where you can catch me in the next few months:
  • You can now grab video and tips from my February 12 Google Hangout on Air titled Public speaking scares me. Should I do it anyway? This Hangout/webinar is put on by Technically Speaking, an email newsletter for people working in the tech industry with an interest in public speaking, and is sponsored by Medium. We're responding to an inquiry from one of Technically Speaking's readers about fears of harrassment of women public speakers when they express strong opinions, and we had a wide-ranging discussion of the many fear factors in public speaking. 
  • In April, if you're a member of the Fabian Women's Network in London, for my session Question time for public speakers. In this April 9 session, we'll let the attendees take the floor and ask me anything they want about public speaking. It's one of my favorite public speaking formats, and I expect to learn a lot from the questioners.
  • In April, at my pre-conference workshop on What goes into a TED-quality talkat the Spring Speechwriters and Business Communicators Conference. I'll be in in Cambridge, UK, for this workshop to help speakers, speechwriters and conference organizers understand how to craft and deliver a talk in the style of TED. The session works whether you're getting ready for a TEDx conference or just a presentation in this popular style. Go to this link  for more details on what's included, as well as a significant discount. The workshop is on 15 April, and the conference is 16-17 April. Americans: This is well worth the trip, one of the most productive conferences I know.
  • In April, at my session on 10 things communicators don't know about their experts (and vice versa) at the National Council on Behavioral Health annual conference in Orlando, Florida. I'll be helping marketing and communications staffers from U.S. mental health and behavioral health organizations figure out how to work better with the smart people who are their colleagues. Save time for this session from 3pm to 4pm, Monday, April 21.
I'm a frequent speaker--it helps, when I'm coaching other speakers--and you can find out more about how to invite me to speak to your group here.

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