Friday, March 13, 2015

The weekend read

The Dowager Countess's question was not an existential one, and yet no one really answered her. So let's be polite, communicators, and respond: The weekend is an all-too-brief respite from our workaday world in which we need to catch up on many things. The weekend read helpfully gathers them up, like footmen do, and shares the best of them here for the harried communicator. (I'd tell her that I share everything first on Twitter via @dontgetcaught and then curate the best bits here for you, but that would only lead to more questions.) Let's find a butler to bring us something restorative while we contemplate the weekend, and tip our favorite hats to Cynthia Manley for the fabulous image:
And on a sad note, FriendFeed--a once-vibrant social network that was bought by Facebook to become your newsfeed--is no more, finally shut down. Those of us who used it loved it, and Louis Gray has an appreciation that captures what our community there felt. 

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