Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Scientists, docs, experts: Send this to a communicator

This is for all the experts--scientists, engineers, physicians, policy wonks, and other subject-matter experts--who want to love the communications pros they work with, but find it difficult.

You get that participating in legislative testimony, donor meetings, and media interviews can be helpful. But those requests are taking up too much of your time, coming at the last minute, and you're feeling generally unprepared for them. So more often than not, you're not available or at best, uncomfortable.

I've seen you out there, and worked with many like you in a long career of working within organizations loaded with scientists and experts. These days, I've created a workshop I wish I'd had when I first started working with experts, and I want you to share it with a communicator you want to love.

Be an Expert on Working with Experts gives communicators what they rarely see: A look at the world from your perspective and preferences. The goal is better cooperation and better understanding of how communicators can support experts and meet communications and public-facing goals at the same time...without anyone getting hurt. Communicators call it "informative and eye-opening," and said "I particularly appreciated her emphasis on understanding a speaker's needs and motivations in order to help them deliver the best possible presentation."

Registration details are below. Pass them on to a communicator, fundraiser, or government relations pro near you, and anticipate a better working relationship to come. This workshop fills up fast, so don't delay in sharing it! If you're at a university, it may help your communicator to know that the February session follows the CASE District II conference in Washington, DC, and is an easy public transport trip from the conference hotel.

The next session of Be an Expert on Working with Experts is February 4, 2015 in Washington, DC. Register at the link by January 9 to get the best rate; all registration closes January 29 or when all seats are filled. Don't miss the workshop communicators call "informative and eye-opening."

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