Friday, September 05, 2014

The weekend read

Think of Friday like it's a farmer's market. I found great leads, reads and data in my feeds, shared them on Twitter, and have curated the pick of that harvest for you. Feast away, weekend readers:
  • Organize the bins: Picdeck is a new app that's being called "like Tweetdeck for your Instagram."
  • Yes, we have no bananas: Few companies have done them, but a video earnings call could truly change how business is done. If you're interested in how news conferences are changing, glean some lessons here.
  • A message from the farmer: The guy who created Google Maps and the Facebook "like" button is working on a Google Docs/Microsoft Word killer with messaging and document creation.
  • Productive harvest: As an Evernote fan, I always pay attention to nominees for its platform awards, all apps that work with Evernote and make it do great things for you. Here are this year's productivity and education nominees.
  • App-les and oranges: Keep an eye on DWNLD, a new app that hopes to make it easy for you to create an app and get it into the app store.
  • Blueberries: The New York City Police Department's putting officers in social media classes following some Twitter debacles.
  • I trust this is fresh: Building trust with your customers is the overlooked benefit of social media.
  • Fast food: Hyperlapse time-lapse videos made using Instagram are already getting some creative use.
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The weekend's upon us, and I'm so glad you spend time here picking out what looks good to you. Thanks for reading!

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