Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Which way do you go in a transitional time for video?

We're still in a transitional time when it comes to easy-to-manage video production. Smartphones have great recording quality, but are unwieldy--and stand-alone cameras still offer amazing advantages. Are you casting your lot with the smartphone, or sticking with the latest camera options? Here are options that reflect these transitional times and offer you the chance to rev up your video:
  • Put a handle on it: The iOgrapher Mobile Media Case for the iPad Mini was developed to solve a basic problem for those of you trying to record with smartphones: Getting a grip on them. Part handle, part case, this tool lets you attach microphones and lights, and can be mounted to a tripod. And the price is reasonable. Here's the New York Times review of the iOgrapher, and you'll find tutorials and more at the iOgrapher site.
  • Cube it: Polaroid has a new cube shaped mini HD video camera coming out this fall. An intriguing list of options for mounting the camera--as a pendant, on a helmet and other configurations--is included at the link. At 35mm tall/wide/deep (or just over 1.3 inches), the Cube is truly pocket-sized.
  • Get creative with your GoPro: GoPro HERO3+ is a workhorse camera that's inspiring all sorts of creative approaches to video. Its small size and portability have taken it underwater, into space and more, and with GoPro Tripod Mounts, you can keep the camera in place for a change. Check out the video below, where makers were challenged to create ways to make videos never before seen, using the GoPro--it's a great source of ideas.

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