Friday, August 08, 2014

The weekend read

How did your week sound, communicators? Like a rock 'n roll symphony or nails on a blackboard? Let's mix it up and make real music to greet the weekend. I've engineered a collection of curated finds of the week that I shared on Twitter, with the best ones right here in our Friday studio for you. Yes, the songs are linked in the post titles if you want to stretch this out a little:
Join me for two workshops coming up in October, with good discounts if you book this summer:
  • I'm leading my workshop on women and public speaking, Be The Eloquent Woman, as a pre-conference session before the European Speechwriter Network conference in Amsterdam this October. Both sessions are worth attending, and you get an early discount for signing up before August 15. And if you're an American attendee coming from the U.S. to the conference, you can get a 200 Euro discount with the code "eloquentwoman" when you register at the link above.
  • I'm launching a new workshop, Speechwriting for Communicators, in Washington, DC, on October 9. If you find yourself writing speeches, remarks and talking points, but have never learned how to do it, find out what you may have missed in this one-day session--including how to do more with boring speech occasions. Every participant gets an online toolkit of resources, too. You can save 15 percent by registering by August 29. I've already got clients signing up in teams for this one, so don't delay.
Thanks for keeping me in the mix on a Friday, communicators. Have a great weekend!

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