Friday, July 11, 2014

The weekend read

If you've felt you were wandering around in the dark all week, communicators, there's a little light ahead. It's firefly time where I live, and the weekend--time to shine a light on the great leads and reads I found and shared on Twitter this week. Here they are, communicators, curated just for you:
I'm leading my workshop on women and public speaking, Be The Eloquent Woman, as a pre-conference session before the European Speechwriter Network conference in Amsterdam this October. Are you in? Yes, I said Amsterdam. Please share both these unique professional development opportunities with your colleagues.

If you didn't get some of this week's headings, many are from the lyrics to "Glow, Little Glow Worm," which really can only be appreciated when the Mills Brothers, from the ancient time, are performing it. (We know it's the ancient time, because they refer to "yon woods primeval.") I think there are universal laws about this:

I take a shine to you every time you show up here on a Friday. Thanks for reading!

(Creative Commons licensed photo by jeffgoldring)

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