Friday, May 16, 2014

The weekend read

If, right about now, you're thinking all your hard work is lying in ruins around you, let's reframe that in time for the weekend. After all, the Roman Forum, the Parthenon and other ruins have lasted in that state for a long time. Time to build on that foundation, however scattered it may seem, and head for the weekend. My curated-just-for-you finds of the week, shared on Twitter, can be the building blocks you need to get smarter by Monday:
One of my favorite ruins in England was a stately home...until the owner gambled away the roof in a card game, leading to both his ruination and that of the home. (It later got some fame on a Rolling Stones album cover.) Don't get caught, indeed! You won't catch me ruining our great relationship. Thanks for strolling through the ruins of your week with me, as we do every Friday.

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