Friday, April 25, 2014

The weekend read

The week looked like a lovely terraced landscape laid out before you, didn't it, when you started out on Monday. I'm hoping we can stop any erosion with the ultimate limit, the weekend, looming just ahead on the horizon. Time to dig into my curated collection of finds shared this week on Twitter, a landscape littered with great reads, leads and ideas. Map your way to the weekend, starting now:
You know I've got workshops coming up. Those deadlines won't be in the distance forever, so sign up today at the links below.

I'm always delighted when the path to your weekend involves a stop here. Thanks for reading!

On May 15, I'll be convening another session of Be The Eloquent Woman in Washington, DC. It's a subversive new workshop that helps women executives and public officials learn how women speakers are perceived and how to turn those expectations on their heads with confidence, content and credibility. Go here to read how the first workshop went and what participants had to say. All registration for this session closes May 8, and seats are join us!

On June 19, also in Washington, DC, I'll convene a session of Be an Expert on Working with Experts that's open to the public. Designed for communications pros who work with subject-matter experts, scientists and policy researchers, this is a popular workshop--and you get an early discount for registering by May 9. This is the workshop I wish I'd had earlier in my career, based on my own effort to understand why the smart folks I work with weren't always willing to cooperate with my communications efforts.

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