Friday, March 21, 2014

The weekend read

It's not teatime yet (at least, not where I live). That would mean we were that much closer to the end of the week, communicators. Still, you need a quiet ritual to get you to the weekend, don't you? Pull up a chair and sample my collection of great reads, data and leads, shared on Twitter this week and carefully steeped and stirred here just for you. Shall I pour?
I've opened registration early for two smart workshops coming up in May and June--and smart communicators are already registering. Check them out:
  • On June 19, also in Washington, DC, I'll convene a session of Be an Expert on Working with Experts that's open to the public. Designed for communications pros who work with subject-matter experts, scientists and policy researchers, this is a popular workshop--and you get an early discount for registering by May 9. This is the workshop I wish I'd had earlier in my career, based on my own effort to understand why the smart folks I work with weren't always willing to cooperate with my communications efforts.
No need to read the tea leaves. I'll tell you straight: So glad you hang around here on a Friday. C'mon back next week.