Friday, March 07, 2014

The weekend read

Bright lights, big week...or were those just glimmers of the weekend? Never mind, it's here, along with this curated collection of my best finds of the week for communicators, shared on Twitter and here to, er, shed some light. You do want to get smarter by Monday, don't you?
Be among the first to know: I've opened registration for two Washington, DC workshops in May and June:
  • Be The Eloquent Woman is my subversive workshop for women speakers, to help them upend common perceptions of women speakers with content, confidence and credibility. It will take place May 15, and you get a sweet discount if you sign up by April 11. Tell your friends.
  • For communications pros who work with smart people, Be an Expert on Working with Experts will help you become more effective in working with researchers and subject-matter experts. It takes place June 19, and you'll get a discount for signing up early, by May 9. Tell your friends, again.
I light up like a Christmas tree when I think about you hanging out here on a Friday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend in store!

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