Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Communicators: Learn how to succeed in your work with experts

She knows a lot more than she lets on about the mentality of scientists, engineers and experts of all kinds...Like a river raft guide who knows where the rocks are hidden under the water, she not only knows what to say to scientists and engineers who ask for her help; she also knows what they are really thinking but NOT saying out loud, so she is able to address their unexpressed concerns, reservations, criticisms....

That's how one of my clients explains how I work with experts: subject-matter experts, policy wonks, scientists and engineers. It's the kind of expertise that comes from years of working with smart people in aid of communicating with public audiences and the news media. And believe me, it wasn't easy to come by.

Now I share that knowledge in a workshop I wish I'd had earlier in my own career. The next session of Be an Expert on Working with Experts takes place in Washington, DC, on June 19, and registration's open now--in fact, seats are already taken for this popular session. We've had every level of communications pro in this workshop, from vice presidents to new associates, and every session's different, depending on the issues you bring forward. But every time, we'll cover:
  • the default communications style of experts and how you can help them turn it around easily to communicate with public and media audiences;
  • the personality preferences of experts, and why your requests may be met with resistance--plus how to change that dynamic; and
  • approaches, tactics and ideas for accomplishing your goals together so both expert and communicator can succeed.
Previous participants call this the "best training I've ever had" and "Denise can offer you practical guidance that you'll be able to put into practice immediately. I particularly appreciated her emphasis on understanding a speaker's needs and motivations in order to help them deliver the best possible presentation." Come find out why.

You get an early discount if you register by May 9. Many communicators attend with their teams, a great way to ensure you can reinforce the learning with one another long after the workshop's over. Will you join us?

Looking to work on your own public speaking? On May 15, I'll be convening another session of Be The Eloquent Woman in Washington, DC. It's a subversive new workshop that helps women executives and public officials learn how women speakers are perceived and how to turn those expectations on their heads with confidence, content and credibility. You can grab a sweet discount by registering by April 11. Go here to read how the first workshop went and what participants had to say. 

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