Friday, January 31, 2014

The weekend read

Time to pack it in: It's the weekend, your reward for being such a great communicator this week. The good news: I've boxed up the best finds I made and shared on Twitter this week, curated just for you. Unpack these gems now, and get smarter by Monday:
No, I would've known it was a lie. My main purpose as a musician has been to get people singing and get people to make music by themselves. And it's the only reason I keep singing is because I'm a skilled song leader now. My voice is 50 percent shot. I can still shout in the high notes, but my low notes are very wobbly. But I can still get a crowd singing. And so when they're singing, they don't bother listening to me. They're having a lot of fun. And that's my main purpose. I want to show people what a lot of fun it is to sing together.
Here he is doing just that at President Obama's inaugural. Watch the crowd shots to understand his impact, and look at the hundreds of comments on his obituary to get a sense of someone who knew how to touch an audience:

Don't move until I can thank you for reading, for being here on a Friday, and for considering my new workshop or sharing it with a female colleague:

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