Friday, January 24, 2014

The weekend read

The week is like a long hallway. The weekend? That light at the end of the tunnel that's been keeping you going since Monday. Before you hit the exit door, take a look at the finds I picked up and shared on Twitter this week, all great reads and leads curated for you, communicators. Consider this your hall pass to the weekend:
I'm excited to be launching a new workshop on women and public speaking, in two great cities: Be The Eloquent Woman will take place Feb. 28 in Washington, DC, and April 2 in Oxford, UK. The latter session is a pre-conference workshop at the UK Speechwriters Guild conference, also worth your time. Subscribe to my free monthly newsletter for a US discount code, or go to the link to find the UK discount code. And please, share with your colleagues!

If I could, I'd fill the halls with applauding fans thanking you for being here again on Friday. But that might slow your exit. Have a wonderful weekend!

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