Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The most-read DGC posts of 2013: Social media edition

Social media--and using it strategically--is a recurring theme on the blog and in 2013, you went for the posts that looked at newish social sites like Pinterest and old standards like blogging, proving that we're all on one big learning curve. Here are the social media posts you read the most on this blog this year:
  1. 12 ways I'm using Evernote now on business travel was far and away this year's most read post. Are you traveling more, or just want to organize it better?
  2. Taking a blog from zero to 60: 5 lessons from GuideStarUSA, a guest post from Lindsay Nichols, shared tactics for taking a blog from moribund to award-winning.
  3. Wring out your existing content to get dozens of blog posts looked at an assignment from a client to find as much content as possible in a single webinar that could be turned into blog posts. And boy, did I ever do that. Here's how.
  4. 17 things science writers can pin on Pinterest that are not pillows or dresses met another challenge I was given as a speaker for Science Writers in New York: Is anyone using Pinterest for science? Answer: You bet. My presentation slides and data are in this post.
  5. How do I pitch reporters on social media? was a question I got when speaking on social media trends for communicators (see below), but we ran out of time. So I put 11 options together for you here.
  6. Social media trends for communicators was a presentation I made during Social Media Week for PRSA's National Capital Chapter. I think all these trends are still in force, so go ahead: How did your social efforts measure up to this list?
  7. My go-to online toolkit shared social and other online tools I use to make my business run. 
  8. New Pinterest tools and more examples of #sciencepins shared new options from Pinterest and more examples in the wake of my SWINY talk.
  9. 5 things I love about this Visual.ly infographic and what you can learn from it shares one of the simplest infographics I've ever seen. Find out why it works so well.
  10. Strategic View: Q&A with Case Foundation communicator Allyson Burns kicked off a new interview series and shared insights from a philanthropy that chose to help other nonprofits figure out social media as part of its own social media strategy. Great lessons here.
Thanks for reading in 2013. On Thursday, we'll have the top 10 posts from the year on communications topics.

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