Friday, November 22, 2013

The weekend read

Put another log on the fire, and let's call it a weekend, shall we? I've gathered up all the great reads, finds and leads I shared on Twitter this week, and stacked them for you right here:
Fired up. Ready to go: Everyone needs to read this once a week. It's a quote from a big interview with Merlin Mann on The Great Discontent:
I think we sometimes overlook things we don’t realize we’re already good at or have limited experience with. You may be beating yourself up about not having good enough grades in biology to go to medical school while overlooking the fact that you’ve been working in your family’s hardware store over the summer for eight years and have an extraordinary sense of how to deal with people. That’s a skill that a lot of doctors in their 50s would kill for: they’ve never learned to understand and be empathetic towards others. People have all kinds of soft skills that you can’t train someone to have, but they beat themselves up because it’s not the thing they think they’re supposed to be good at.
You're really good at showing up here so you can get smarter by Monday. Don't think I haven't noticed--and don't think I don't appreciate it. Have a wonderful weekend.

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