Tuesday, October 22, 2013

*Now* is it time to consider Pinterest? 8 new features, uses, ideas

Pinterest continues to confound marketers, businesses and organizations--in part because it's so clearly user-driven. And with 70 million users who share boards full of ideas, wishlists and products (many of which they can buy right from the site), I've said for some time that Pinterest's worth a look as a marketing tool. Now, with its growth and more funding, Pinterest is expanding with new partnerships and tools for advertising and posting, and even more sectors are finding success on its boards. Take a look at the new features, data and use cases on Pinterest, and ask yourself: Is it time now?
  1. Upending email: Pinterest users are share-stars, sharing almost as much content on Pinterest as they do on email. That would displace email as the third-biggest sharing mechanism, right behind Twitter and Facebook. Do I have your attention yet?
  2. Adding to your content:  Don't just consider boards on Pinterest. Spread that content around by embedding your Pinterest boards on your own blog or website.
  3. Small business savvy ads: Now that promoted pins are being rolled out, Inc. magazine looks at the best Pinterest strategy for your business using promoted pins. Want to go further? HubSpot shares hacks for generating leads on Pinterest. Businesses can learn about the potential for Pinterest advertising here--remember, the site's users rank highest in e-commerce.
  4. Nonprofit nirvana? Check out this list of nonprofits that are nailing Pinterest, including one that's using it as an organizational website.
  5. SEO seekers, rejoice: Search engine Bing just upped the ante by including pinned images in its image search results. Here's how to optimize your pins so your images show up in Bing searches.
  6. Book author bonanza: If you've written a book at any point, go search for it on Pinterest. You may be surprised to find that your readers like sharing what they're reading or books that are especially meaningful to them--and the book jacket was made for showing off on Pinterest. The Book Designer weighs in here with ways to promote your book on Pinterest.
  7. Blogger's delight: If you have a blog to promote, Pinterest just made that process easier by introducing "rich pins," which auto-load your blog name and the title of the post along with the relevant picture when you or a reader pins the article. I love this feature--a real time saver for bloggers. If you were on the fence before about pinning your blog posts, this might just make the difference.
  8. Need to pin on a global map? Pinterest has a new partnership witTelefónica, so its Android phones sold in Latin America and Europe will come pre-loaded with the Pinterest app. The move represents a massive expansion worldwide for Pinterest, which also has begun hiring international employees, another good sign. The extra bonus internationally? Pictures speak their 1,000 words across all languages.
Find these and other good examples, data and news about Pinterest on my board, Great ways to use Pinterest.

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