Thursday, October 17, 2013

Helpouts by Google: A new tool for entrepreneurs, advisers and coaches

I'm looking forward to trying out the latest tool from Google: Helpouts by Google, which combines Google+ Hangout technology with a payment system, allowing entrepreneurs, advisers, coaches and other pros to earn money online when they interact with customers.

You might be a chef teaching knife skills, a yoga instructor, an IT help desk pro, or, hmm, a speaker coach and social media consultant. You can answer calls immediately, or schedule them, and you can indicate when you are and are not available. You'll have a shared screen option so you and the caller can look at the same images live. Calls may be recorded, and there are age limits on users and which callers may be recorded. There's even a refund option.

The service is in test mode, so you need to apply for an entry code and there's a wait. Mine just arrived last week, so I'm eager to get started. My initial thought is that this might offer speakers a simple way to get feedback from me on videos of themselves speaking, but I'll be brainstorming more ideas, and welcome yours. The video below offers a tour of what's possible while you're waiting for your code to arrive....

It's nearly the end of the year. Are you leaving professional development or training money on the table? Email me at infoATdontgetcaughtDOTbiz to schedule individual or group training in public speaking, presenting, or social media; to prep for your upcoming TED or TEDx talk; or a communications retreat.

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