Tuesday, September 17, 2013

If you must use embargoes: 10 guidelines from Embargo Watch

I was looking for the *finally* button again last week when I saw that Ivan Oransky published If you must use embargoes, here's how to do it right. It's a collection of 10 guidelines--each one based in real-life issues communicators and reporters face when dealing with embargoed material, based on cases covered in Oransky's blog, Embargo Watch.

Oransky, a physician and journalist, is vice president and global editorial director of MedPage Today and the founder of Embargo Watch. His collection of guidelines looks at such issues as:
  • how much advance time to give reporters with embargoed material;
  • whether you can embargo information that's already on the web; 
  • about sanctions for reporters who break embargoes; and 
  • what to do when you have to lift the embargo early.
I'm delighted to see this set of guidelines. The journal in which it is published offers a free download in PDF form, so please grab it and share with your colleagues. The guidelines also offer you an authoritative back-up if you're getting pressured to bend or break the rules. Pass these along...

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