Thursday, August 01, 2013

'Be an Expert on Working with Experts' workshop returns in October

If you're a communicator who has struggled to get inside the heads of the experts with whom you work, Be an Expert on Working with Experts returns October 8. The reason you care right now? You'll save significantly on registration if you sign up by August 30. (All registration closes in late September.)

Previous attendees range from vice presidents to entry-level communicators, and they say this workshop is the "best training I've ever had, informative and eye-opening," and full of "practical guidance that you'll be able to put into practice immediately." I call it the workshop I wish I'd had earlier in my long career working with scientists, policy wonks and subject-matter experts in every discipline--but you can benefit from the lessons I learned the hard way.

Here's what you'll learn in the one-day workshop:
  • How to anticipate experts' default communications style, how to help them see it, and how to show them what public and media audiences want instead; 
  • Why they don't need to "dumb down" their information to communicate clearly (and how to handle other common objections they raise); 
  • How to assess experts' communications skills and training needs, to help you approach coaching in savvy ways; 
  • Handling hands-on feedback to smart people, pushback and Q&A when you're training experts. Find out what they don't know--but won't tell you--and how to fix that.
We'll talk about communications challenges that include experts who blow off media interviews or object to speaking in non-technical language when they meet with donors, public audiences or legislators. If you've been avoiding putting certain experts out front because you don't work well with them or have given up on getting them to communicate clearly, we'll address what you can do differently to build a more successful relationship. The session includes plenty of time for your questions and challenges, including a working lunch session in which you can ask me anything, to make sure you come away with real ideas and solutions for improving the way you work with experts.

Can't make it October 8? Ask me about bringing the workshop to your city, workplace or communicators' conference, with an email to info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz. But I hope I'll see you among the smart communicators at the next workshop. Want to work on your own communications skills? Check out my half-day workshop, The Keys to Confident Public Speaking, on October 17.

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