Thursday, July 25, 2013

Storytelling, strategy, social media: New directions for clients

For many of my clients this is a summer of pivots and turns, as they seek new directions, build skills and rethink their communications strategies. To help them, I'm facilitating training workshops and retreats that give them the time and space to consider where they're headed next, in areas ranging from storytelling and social media to strategic communications. Here are some of the projects taking shape this summer, in case you want to steal these good ideas from my clients:
  • Savvier SEO for writers: For a communications team that has begun to blog but wants to make sure they get the most from it, I've facilitated a retreat on what writers can do (and ignore) when it comes to optimizing their blogging and social posts for search engines. In this case, the client's organization blocks them from using certain social media sites (sound familiar?), so we focused on workarounds and creative options that kept them within the rules, but still effective.
  • Starting from scratch: For a small and brand-new nonprofit--so new, it has no web presence yet--I'm doing a series of retreats and workshops on using social media strategically to meet its goals of getting more media attention and featuring diverse voices on its issues. We started by reviewing the options for a strategic social media presence; now that the group wants to make a blog its social-media basecamp, we're working on how this small team can blog in ways that are efficient as well as effective, and working on a content calendar as well as skills-building.
  • Storytelling with social media: I'm developing a workshop requested by a client for a group that includes many nonprofit executives. The central focus is storytelling, and we'll explore that in three ways: through public speaking, through visual communication like infographics, and through social media sites. I'm excited about this challenge, which includes making sure the nonprofits have plenty of free and low-cost options they can put to work immediately.
  • Making a stock presentation sing: Another client is welcoming new board leadership and we're training them with a stock presentation--one they will be using as they speak to partner organizations, members and prospective members throughout the year. But we'll add a twist, giving them skills and strategies to make that stock set of slides work for each of them as individuals, as well as ideas for tailoring a set presentation for a variety of situations. Along with that, we'll rehearse how to plan a presentation so they don't put all the info into the slides, but spread it out over the presentation, the Q&A, and the follow-up materials.
  • Prepping a disparate team of experts for a special speaking event: Another client has me developing a training for a group of experts, all with different topics, who need to participate in short presentations for a special event. Brevity and clarity are the keys with these subject-matter experts, so we'll work on editing a message and keeping it clear for a non-expert audience.
Can I help you with projects similar to this one--or another direction you're contemplating? Email me at info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz.

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