Friday, May 24, 2013

The weekend read

Park it right here: The week isn't quite over, so let's pull over and take time to check out the great finds I shared on Twitter this week. You won't want to be driving when you learn about these great reads and leads, trust me:
I wish I could have parked myself in London longer, but I was just there for last week. You can read more about my London meetings with speakers and my keynote at the European Speechwriters Network here--and see the resources I swapped with the smart participants there on women and public speaking. The fall conference of this lively group will be taking place in Brussels September 19-20.

An expert parking job: There's just one more week to get registered for Be an Expert on Working with Experts, coming up on June 13 in Washington, DC. The registration discount's been extended, so you can still grab a seat for $50 off the regular rate. Are you in? Lots of smart communicators will be parking themselves there for the day.

Find a place to park yourself with these great communications jobs: Food and Water Watch needs a digital content director...the American Red Cross wants a senior communications specialist in disaster public affairs...Harvard's graduate school of education seeks a communications manager...the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is looking for a senior director of corporate communications...

You always have a parking space reserved here on Fridays. Now, get that weekend in gear...

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