Sunday, April 14, 2013

8 years in with this blog, let's work on yours at the Refreshing Your Blog workshop

Tomorrow, this blog will reach its 8th birthday, and it still feels like the most natural work I've ever done. Early on, I offered "blogging for your business" workshops, at a time when many people couldn't fathom using this versatile tool for business purposes. This spring, I'm coming back to the workshop format to offer a half-day workshop, Refreshing Your Blog, on June 6.

While blogging feels natural to me, that doesn't mean that I don't need to refresh my blogs from time to time. There's plenty of organization and strategy behind this blog, because I set regular times during the year to reconsider my content, timing and other approaches--and so should you. This session will give you a sense of current trends, opportunities, and strategies to make your blogging at once easier and more focused. My emphasis will be on tactics that will help you blog more in less time, wherever possible.

This morning workshop includes lunch, follow-up resources and plenty of time to focus on your specific questions and issues. If you're just not sure about where to go from here with your blog, or want it to be better or different, this is the session for you. Attendees at my previous blogging conferences have gone on to do great things with their blogs. Why not join their ranks? Communicators, business owners and other bloggers are already signing up. Find out more and register here--you'll get a great discount for registering early, by May 9.

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