Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 new looks at data on your audiences on social media

I'm a collector of audience data on social media, and you can usually see my latest finds in the Friday posts known here as "the weekend read," as they occur. But recently, five insightful piles of data have come across my desk that represent new ways to slice the pie chart. I'm hoping they prompt new ways of looking at data for you:
  1. Go global: In Why Koreans Love Tumblr and Other Social Media Surprises, Fast Company takes a look at Bitly's breakdown of traffic to social media sites by country. While it only looks at traffic routed through Bitly, a URL-shortening service, its snapshots offer useful looks at not only networks based in the U.S., but their foreign counterparts.
  2. What time is it? Ask your audience: Time of day and day of the week are important, if oft-ignored, factors for social network posts intended to reach audiences, so looking at social media use against those factors can tell you a lot about your audience. Arbitron Mobile Oy's recent report that "primetime" is the same time for television viewing and use of social networks and gaming is a perfect example of the type of insightful data you should be seeking. My question: Is that when you're posting?
  3. What time is it, part 2? Chitika Insights looked at North American mobile web browsing for nearly a week, hour by hour, comparing usage on desktops, smartphones and tablets. It's a nuanced look that might help you consider where and when to deploy a particular format or platform.
  4. Think about where your user's using: Here's a report that suggests that Facebook users engage twice as much with videos on their mobile devices as on their desk- or laptops. Place-based user data like this can help you make the leap to a mobile-optimized site, and direct your thinking about content form and frequency.
  5. What's typical? The infographic from SocialKnowHow below details--in word-cloud fashion--the habits of the average user on Facebook, one way to slice the more than 5 billion pieces of content shared on the site each week. And a pie that big needs slicing...

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