Friday, March 29, 2013

The weekend read

For immediate release: The weekend's here. That's what I call good news. In its honor, I won't be embargoing my best finds shared on Twitter this week. Feel free to pass 'em around, without restrictions:
These jobs for communicators aren't embargoed: The American Association for the Advancement of Science needs a public engagement manager...a marketing manager is sought by the Autism Society...Harvard University wants a user experience lead in IT for its public affairs and communications group...the University of Maryland seeks a communications director. And in the "wish I'd heard about this job earlier" category, Texas Monthly hired a barbecue editor. Seriously.

If you like the "Keep calm" image above, you can go here to order it in poster/mug/t-shirt and other forms. Sadly, I get nothing from this, but when I see the poster in your office, I'll know you as a weekend reader.

It's no secret that I appreciate your reading and following the blog. Let's lift the embargo and get the weekend going...

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