Friday, March 01, 2013

The weekend read

Run for the exits. Run for the hills. Run for the finish line. But wherever you run, be sure you're pointed toward the weekend, so you can catch up with the good finds and reads I shared on Twitter this week. Can you keep pace with me as we round the curve?
Run into these great communications jobs: Justice at Stake wants a deputy communications director....the Level Playing Field Institute needs a science writing instructor...NYU Langone Medical Center seeks a senior marketing manager....the University of California, Davis, is looking for a senior director of communications for the graduate school of business...Edible Arrangements is recruiting a director of corporate communications and public relations...MD Anderson Cancer Center wants a director of external communications.

I'm running up to New York City next week to coach some speakers, take some meetings and speak to the Science Writers in New York and the American Society of Journalists and Authors on March 6 about using Pinterest to communicate science. It's free if you're a member of either of those groups, or very low cost otherwise. We'll have ideas for journalists, PR types, nonprofits, universities, government agencies, companies, the whole nine yards. Will I see you there? Register here.

In the meantime, thanks for making me a stop on your race to the usual. Love having you here.

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