Friday, February 08, 2013

The weekend read

Whoa. It's the weekend. Pull up here for a bit, and stop racing around the track that's your workweek, so you can sample the good finds, reads and leads I was tracking and sharing for you on Twitter this week. They're all winners:
Saddle up for these jobs: The Women's Media Center seeks a programs director...Planned Parenthood Federation of America needs a national health media director in New York City...the National Electrical Manufacturers Association wants a director of communications and marketing...the Nature Conservancy is looking for a global director of public relations...Bloomberg Government needs a director of communications. And the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's advertising a marketing development and social media outreach "internship" for its WaterSense program--really a postgraduate paid full-time one-year post that can be renewed for more time.

As always, I'm so glad you decided to take this ride with me. Enjoy your weekend!

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