Friday, February 22, 2013

The weekend read

I cannot tell a lie: I'm glad it's the weekend. That's partly because I can share the great ideas, data and leads I found and shared on Twitter this week. Let's chop down the week just past and let the chips fall where they may:
Where to catch me next: On March 6, I'm speaking in New York City on Pinterest for communicating science, at a joint meeting of the Science Writers in New York and the American Society of Journalists and Authors. It's free to members of those groups, or $10 for non-members. Pinterest was just valued at $2.5 billion, and occupies nearly as large a proportion of social users as Twitter, so yes, it's worth taking seriously. I think you'll be surprised by the examples we'll be sharing. Register here. I'd love to see some weekend readers in the audience.

Future president--or just your next job? RESULTS Educational Fund is looking for a communications officer...Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is hiring a senior science writer....the American Trucking Associations wants a manager, communications and multimedia...the Saginaw Community Foundation needs a marketing and communications officer...the UK's Society for Applied Microbiology seeks a communications manager for a 12-month period.

Can't lie about this, either: I'm glad you're ending the week right here. Have a restful, fun weekend!

*Disclaimer: Please note that I didn't say millions of what, but apparently there are, at a minimum, millions of nice adjectives for this fantastic person.

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