Friday, February 01, 2013

The weekend read

Droplets sound innocuous...but these are liquid titanium droplets. Was your week just as strong? No matter, it's the weekend, and time to drop by my Twitter feed, where I found and shared these wonderful leads, reads and finds. Droplets of wisdom, you might call them:
Drop into this pool of communications jobs: The National Health Council is looking for a manager of communications and new media...Wetlands International wants a PR officer/web editor, based in the Netherlands...King Arthur Flour (think of the benefits) needs a junior web engineer, who may work remotely...the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County seeks a communications manager...the Pew Charitable Trusts needs a director of communications strategy and has several other communications jobs open...the United Nations Foundation wants a director of special events...St. Lawrence University needs a director of media relations. VP Tom Evelyn there has been a client and he's wonderful to work with, so jump on this one and share it with the other smart folks you know.

Drop by here every Friday. I'm always glad to end the week with you.

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