Friday, January 18, 2013

The weekend read

It's awards season, but I'll bet your hoorays for Hollywood are drowned out by your cheers for the weekend. Don't head for the hills, though, until you've checked out all the star-studded finds I made on Twitter this week--just the data, leads and reads you need to make yourself the star of the office. Let's open that envelope and find out who the winners are this week:
Casting your next movie: Population Services International seeks a senior manager of online engagement...Serious Eats is looking for a community manager...Penn State University needs a vice president for marketing and communications...Compassion & Choices is looking for an online communications manager...Elsevier in New York wants a PR coordinator to focus on European media relations...the Hewlett Foundation is searching for a communications officer.

Technical Oscars: Did you miss my workshop last week on how to Be an Expert on Working with Experts? We had a great group of communicators, discussing smart tactics and some tough realities. Here's what one participant said afterward:

Stay tuned here for more news about future workshops. And enjoy the movie that is your weekend. I hope you get the starring role you deserve...

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