Tuesday, December 11, 2012

For the job-hunting communicator: Gifts from my blog

This isn't a blog about job-hunting, but because so many of my readers need to keep an eye on the market for one reason or another, from time to time you'll find information here that's useful to communicators seeking new opportunities. And many weeks, I get several emails saying "If you know of anything that might suit me, please let me know." Since the Wall Street Journal reminds us that the holiday season is a good time for job-hunting, here's a start at answering that question:
  1. Everyone works on Fridays: Every Friday, this blog includes my "weekend read" of the best items I shared on Twitter, including a small selection of currently open communications jobs that I think would most interest my readers. It's not at all comprehensive; that's the point. But it does contain the job openings that come across my screen, including those my clients wish to share. You'll also get a roundup of current news about social media, media relations and communications issues--a great way to look smart in your next interview. Want to check past editions for recent jobs? Here's the feed for all the weekend read posts.
  2. Stay up-to-date on today's comms issues: Those weekend reads are good for more than just jobs.  They're my weekly repository of the best news, ideas and finds I made on Twitter about communications and social media, so you can look smart by the time of your next interview. You can follow the blog several ways, including RSS, Facebook or by following me on Twitter.
  3. Rethink your online profiles, 7 ways: This is one of the blog's most-read posts, and I hope it will help you rethink how you present yourself online. I've updated it with this post on one of the web's most popular places to be found: Pinterest, where you can pin 12 different career attributes to make an online portfolio. And if you're not convinced about online profiles, think of them as curating your own best work.
  4. Early-career communicators, these are for you:  If you're new to communications, check out my crowdsourced advice for the rookie public information officer and advice for the rising communicator, both good ways to get started and figure out where to head next. Then check out these stories from communicators on how they got their starts.
  5. Considering the independent communicator life? Lots of communicators want my take, and you'll find it here in Should I take the leap? ask would-be indie communicators, with the questions I'm most frequently asked, and the questions I think you should be asking yourself.
  6. Introverted job seekers, rejoice: You may want to consult one of the books I recommend to my introverted public speaking clients, such as Networking for People Who Hate Networking: A Field Guide for Introverts, the Overwhelmed, and the Underconnected, the well-titled Self-Promotion for Introverts: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead, and Network Like an Introvert: A new way of thinking about business relationships. They're quiet and useful ways to rev up your job hunt.
If you're looking for a new opportunity, good hunting to you...and I hope I'm first on your list of consultants and trainers when you get to where you're going. Are you about to launch a search for a great communicator? Email me at info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz to find out how I can help you amplify your search using social media strategies.

If you're a communicator who works with smart people--or wants to--come sharpen your skills at my January 10 workshop, Be an Expert on Working with Experts. Sign up by December 21 to get a sweet discount, or sign up until January 3 or when all seats are filled. You'll meet some interesting communicators at all levels and get a new outlook on working with experts.

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