Wednesday, November 07, 2012

2 smart training opps for communicators who work with smart people

Communicators soon learn it's tough to find satisfying professional development opportunities that help them deal with everyday, persistent issues. That's one reason why I've begun to focus on helping communicators who work with smart people--the policy wonks, scientists, engineers and other subject-matter experts that communicators bring forward to meet the press, donors or legislators. And I've got two smart training opportunities coming up in December and January that are designed to help communicators do a better, more thoughtful job in helping their experts reach public audiences of all kinds:
  • Make the case for training: Most communicators themselves see the value in having some form of ongoing training to help experts bridge the communications gap when they need to reach public or media audiences. But when it comes to making the case for a training program to the powers that be, the experts themselves or even fellow communicators, many good intentions fall short. I'm convening a lunch-and-learn December 7 in Washington, DC, to help you figure out how to make the case for training with data, feedback, and other evidence. Part brainstorm, part briefing, this two-hour session will give you new tools to advance the discussion. You'll get lunch, good ideas, a great network of fellow communicators and a follow-up email with links to all the substance and resources we discuss. Registration is open until November 20, but you get a sweet discount if you register by tomorrow, November 9. This session was proposed by participants in my last experts workshop (see below) as a logical next step, but it's designed to work even if you haven't been to the experts workshop.
  • Be an expert on working with experts: Most of my clients and work experience has involved working with smart people, thousands of policy analysts, scientists and engineers in every discipline, government leaders, corporate executives and other subject-matter specialists. It's both rewarding and challenging work for communicators, who have a completely different approach to communicating than the experts they're hoping to put forward. My popular one-day workshop, Be an Expert on Working with Experts, returns on January 10, 2013 in Washington, DC, to help you better bridge that gap and work more effectively with your experts, wonks and scientists. You'll learn about their default communications styles and why you may be inadvertently working against them, rather than with them, plus tactics and tools to use to help them communicate effectively with public and media audiences.  During lunch, I open the floor for any question on this topic, to be sure we have enough time to address your specific challenges in a popular "the doctor is in" session. Registration for this session is open until January 3, but you'll get a good discount if you register early, by December 21. Communicators at all levels will find insights here, from vice presidents to junior associates, and previous participants have come from PR firms, universities, scientific societies, advocacy organizations, membership organizations, policy institutes, government agencies and more.
I hope you'll join me for one or both of these sessions and expand your expertise in working with experts. Please email me directly at info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz if you have questions or need more information.

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