Friday, October 26, 2012

The weekend read

I wrote my 20,000th tweet this week, found treasure on Twitter, and the map led me here to the weekend, to boot--not a bad haul. Here are the diamonds and rubies that showed up in my Twitterstream, polished and shared for you to take all the way to the bank:
Two more gems are my upcoming workshops for speakers and communicators:  A November 27 day-long workshop on public speaking and presenting for introverts, with a discount if you register by next Friday, November 2...and a December 7 lunch-and-learn for communicators who want to make the case for a training program for your experts. For this workshop, the early registration discount ends November 9. 

On the treasure map for jobs this week: The American Farm Bureau Federation is looking for an executive director of communications...the Association for Corporate Counsel wants a director of communication and public relations...the science faculty at the University of Calgary seeks a director of marketing and communications...the U.S. Pharmacopeia needs a vice president, global communications...
Johns Hopkins University seeks an associate director for development communications...World Learning wants a director of communications.

I'm in North Carolina this weekend for the Science Writers 2012 conference. If you're there, too, find me--or email me ahead at info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz. I'd love to see some weekend readers in person, and on the weekend, no less. In any case, I'm glad we can meet here every week. Enjoy the weekend, wherever you are.

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