Friday, September 21, 2012

The weekend read

You can come out now. That storm of a week is almost past, and the sky of the weekend is clearing, I promise. The storms did us one favor, washing up these good finds into my Twitterstream. Lots of jobs, reads and leads for you this week, and a calmer weekend ahead:
Crazy good jobs: The University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee is looking for an associate director of athletics for external affairs...The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore wants an online content specialist...the McCormick Foundation seeks a program officer for its journalism program...the trade group Airlines for America is looking for two managing directors in communications...Crayola is looking for a social media manager with media relations skills...and the Washington State Wine Commission is looking for a communications director/senior manager.

To ease you into the weekend, here's a cracking good ad for a Michigan state supreme court candidate whose sister happens to have been on the cast of The West Wing. An impressive show reunion/campaign ad/public service announcement for nonpartisan elections and how to vote. My favorite line? C.J. Cregg tells Josh, "Explain this to me like I'm a two-year-old and try to pretend you're not." Just like old times.


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