Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to promote your blog on Pinterest: Report free with signup

Subscribers to my free monthly newsletter, Speakers & Communicators, got a special bonus today: A free report on how to promote your blog on Pinterest. It's a short guide that will help them use Pinterest's amazing traffic-driving ability to get their blogs a wider readership. For perspective, Pinterest now drives more traffic to blogs than Twitter, and more than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined, so it has become a smart choice for bloggers looking to build an audience.

The report shares ways to optimize your blog content for Pinterest, tools for promoting and measuring your blog's presence there, and lots of examples and data culled from my own observations on the site. The examples include Pinterest uses from bloggers in journalism, science, retail, personal care products, kitchen tools, politics, home design, travel, fitness, graphic design, crafting, marketing, and education. It also includes dozens of links to resources on optimizing your Pinterest videos, measurement tools and how they work, Pinterest demographics and data on the effectiveness of different approaches to using Pinterest to promote a blog.

Want a copy of this report? It's free for the month of October with a signup for my monthly newsletter. Each month, Speakers & Communicators shares useful advice, tips, data and resources on communications, media relations, social media and public speaking. Subscribers get advance notice of workshops and resources, special discounts and freebies like this report. Sign up now while the report is free...this offer expires at the end of October.

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