Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekend read: My weekly share on Twitter

Did this week measure up, or did you just inch along toward the weekend? That distance is getting shorter, fast--it's Friday, and time for the weekend read of my best finds on Twitter.
Often, I end this post with jobs. Today, a real find on Twitter: @PRJobWire, a new account that will post fresh job leads in PR throughout the day, from Amanda Miller Littlejohn. Smart!

There are many weeks when I wonder, "Should I keep doing the weekend read?" And then I see a tweet like this:
You know who has a stellar weekly wrap-up for communicators? @dontgetcaught does
— Zan McCollochLussier (@zanarama) August 3, 2012
Coming from the guy who does the very good Free Tool Friday posts, that's something. Thanks, Zan, and thanks to you for starting your weekend with me, as always.

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Janice said...

Hi Denise; Thanks for sharing your insight into SoundGecko. You're right about endless possibilities. It would be a terrific tool to use just after posting a blog article to catch any missed grammatical errors or to learn if the content is clear or not. I read out loud to myself to try and catch errors but this would stop the funny looks I receive from my colleagues & family when it looks like I am talking to myself.