Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Should you start a Pinterest portfolio? 12 career highlights to pin

Science journalist Carl Zimmer shares video,
audio links of talks and interviews
The more I spend time on Pinterest, the more I'm convinced that we haven't yet found all the uses to which this versatile and visual site can be put. And one idea that intrigues me right now is the idea of creating a professional portfolio of your work on Pinterest, particularly now that the network no longer requires invites to join.

Not an ordinary resume, your portfolio on Pinterest can encompass all sorts of work-worthy examples and kudos in ways that other career sites can't mimic. Here are a dozen things I might consider putting in my Pinterest portfolio, if I were you:
  1. Speaking engagements: Organizers are always looking for video or audio of your speaking gigs. Why not follow journalist Carl Zimmer's example, and post them on Pinterest? His collection includes media interviews on radio and television, as well as lectures and talks. Since Pinterest is fully integrated with SlideShare, a board about your speaking gigs can easily include your slides, as well as video and audio and media coverage.
  2. Media coverage: Been featured in the news media? Make a board of your coverage, with links to web, audio or video. Don't forget blogs where you've been mentioned, linked or interviewed. Did a reviewer or interviewer say something powerful about your work? Capture the text with Share as Image to create and pin a visual quote that links right back to that raving review.
  3. Publications: Book authors can pin a board full of book covers with links to purchase sites. Ditto those of you who write white papers and reports, design brochures or create more unusual publications, whether online or in print. Freelancers, here's the place to link your articles with a visual from either the layout or the magazine cover or website where they appeared. 
  4. Social media presence and your best posts: Bloggers, your best posts go here, please. And everyone can link to the places where we can find you in social media, a direct way to let followers on Pinterest see what else you're doing.
  5. Visual work: Maybe you produce videos, make art, design logos, create graphics, or take photographs. Pinterest works best of all for visuals, so post a portfolio's worth here. Photographer Brian Kraft has boards of others' photos he likes, but saves some boards for his own favorite works.
  6. Where you've worked, memberships or your clients: Whether you post a visual of the building, the logo or a particularly evocative photo, you can capture your resume stops visually here.
  7. Wall of fame photos: I can't think of a better place to put those photos of you with the famous, the notorious, your clients, or the photos of the moments that really capped your career. 
  8. Awards: Grip, grin and pin, people. Any congratulatory photo that reflects an award you've received can get on an awards board, not to mention video of that acceptance speech.
  9. Great quotes about your work: Use Share as Image to turn quotes and recommendations into visual posts on Pinterest. Link back to LinkedIn or any other site with great quotes about you.
  10. What you're reading: On any social network, sharing your reading list is an easy way to communicate how you think and what interests you beyond the confines of your stated resume. And books suggest pinned book covers, which are popular on Pinterest, but you can use this board to post articles and other reading.
  11. Your measurement data: Make one board like an ongoing annual report about your accomplishments, and challenge yourself to find visuals to match the measures.
  12. Recommendations: If you've been collecting recommendations on sites like LinkedIn, Share as Image can capture the best parts, make them visual, pinnable and linked back to LinkedIn. You may want to keep recommendation quotes with the topics to which they refer, or just create a board full of recommendations.
What boards would you add to this list to capture your accomplishments? Share in the comments.If you're looking for other ways to use Pinterest for business communications, check out my post about 17 things you can pin to Pinterest that are not pillows or dresses, and follow my Pinterest board of great ways to use Pinterest.

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