Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Free ideas list: 50 things any volunteer can do to help your nonprofit's social media

Even if your nonprofit's staff is in charge of its social media efforts, it'd be nice to have volunteers engaged and involved in sharing those communications and posts. That's the challenge my art gallery faced, so I promised the member artists a list of 50 things any volunteer could to to help our social media efforts--then decided the list was too good not to share.

It's a list that ranges from the very basic, for volunteers who are just getting started in social media, to more sophisticated strategies they can carry out. You'll see examples from our gallery's efforts to get volunteers involved in social media, like this one: The photo at left is by Leslie Nolan, one of the gallery's artists, who posed her own painting and the model for it in front of the gallery, then shared that photo on her own Facebook page as well as the gallery's page--a creative and fun idea that shows an insider's view of how artists work. But the list is written so that any nonprofit can use it as a jump-start for involving volunteers and getting creative about their involvement in your social media strategy, whether they're manning the front desk or involved as a donor. And here's a hint: The list also works for small businesses and membership organizations as well.

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