Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Course correcting? 4 great little guides to steer your social media

Maybe you're new to Facebook, Twitter, or social media strategy...or maybe you jumped right in without taking the time to work your way through the basics. Or perhaps, like many, you've hit a wall with your approach and just want some guidance. I've got four great little social media guides that will get you back on track in no time--and best of all, they're either free or low-cost, so much so that you could consider buying up a batch for your team or an in-house training session:
  1. Photos are vital on social media sites from Facebook to Pinterest, and you may be struggling with how to size your photos for optimal viewing in the various formats available. Here's a free and useful infographic, the Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet, which walks you through sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. 
  2. Facebook pages may be thwarting you, with recent format changes (like cover photos) and options from pinning posts to scheduling them. The free Stupidly Simple Facebook Features Guide walks you through the key features of FB pages. Even if you're up on your page use, this guide will make sure you're making the most of that page.
  3. Did you forget to have a strategy in social media? Or is your team trying to find its way in creating a strategy? The compact Social Media Road Map: A Social Media Optimization Guide is just $7.95, so you can buy a barrelful for your team, members or volunteers to use in setting goals, creating messages, thinking about different platforms and making good use of your time in social media.
  4. Twitter's still my favorite social tool for business, and there's no better guide than The Twitter Book, now in a revised and updated second edition. With loads of curated examples, it illustrates all the business uses of Twitter, offers smart tips and advice, and will bring you up to speed on a host of tools and apps to make your strategic tweeting sharper and more successful. The paperback is currently 35% off on Amazon.

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