Friday, June 08, 2012

Weekend read: My weekly share on Twitter

As the Men in Black would say: The bad parts of the week we're just finishing? Never happened. Your secret is safe with me if you're wishing for the weekend. I've locked up the very best reads, data and ideas I found and shared with my Twitterstream this week, so you can steal away knowing you'll be even smarter, come Monday. Here's my stash:
And a job: The George Washington University is looking for a Director of Communications and Marketing for its School of Media and Public Affairs.

Workshop deadline nears: This weekend is your last chance to register for my June 19 workshop, 'Be an Expert on Working with Experts.' Registration closes at midnight ET on Sunday, June 10. Save your weekend time for fun and register today. Communicators who have taken or will take this workshop come from top scientific membership societies, federal research agencies, major universities, PR firms, and nonprofits working in foreign relations, poverty, environmental conservation, agriculture policy and more. Join us!

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